Blowout preventer

specialized valve assembly used to control the flow of oil and gas from a wellbore. It is installed on the top of the wellbore and is designed to prevent the uncontrolled release of fluids from the well.

Explosions are the most dangerous and difficult to control from the dangers of burning, destruction, demolition, and loss of life. Thanks to God, now they can be controlled thanks to the anti-explosion material that is used against explosion for liquid and gaseous fuel tanks and petrochemicals. To prevent catastrophic dangers and unlimited and unexpected damages, which result in losses Expensive, irreplaceable and priceless.

Technokontrol is a market leader in the prevention of explosions and fires via developing several new product’s which have been tried and tested with in the industries of Military & Defence, Maritime, Transportation, Petroleum & Gas and last but not least, the Construction Industry.
In addition to providing our clients with the most effective & efficient anti explosive / fire proof product’s on the market today. Technokontrol is also in contact with the largest insurance companies in the world so as to provide our clients with lower insurance premiums on their property, vehicles, boats and planes.
The directors of Technokontrol have over 20 years experience working within global expansion planning and investing within diverse industries such as Technology, Banking, Petroleum and Sciences. Our engineers, industrial and patent specialist also hold more than 15 years experience in all related industries.


API Standards
API RP 520 - Sections 1 & 2
API 937

IIRSM is a professional membership body that provides recognition, information, support and enhancement for health and safety professionals and specialist members related to the health and safety field.

NFPA Codes

Technokontrol has been proposed as an anti-explosion/anti-BLEVE technology to the UNECE WG for RID/ADR/ADN Directives by the French & Spanish Governments and to become part of the WG for the prevention of explosions in all types of fuel tanks especially BLEVE type of explosions.

ASME Codes
Section VIII Division 1 Unified Pressure Vessels

Working in conjunction with TechnoKontrol, TUV Ankara filled a 100 litre barrel with both Gasoline and our specially designed product. They welded the outside of the barrel and started to fire bullets into the tank.