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About Aman For Consulting

With over 20 years of experience as an accredited engineering office by the Civil Defense.

We are an engineering office accredited by tIndustrial Development Authority and the Municipality in the field of fire prevention and protection systems.

We provide engineering solutions to protect lives, properties, facilities, and buildings from fires, practicing our work as a consulting office with extensive experience in the field. Our work methodology involves identifying potential risks, studying, analyzing, and evaluating them to build a permanent system of protection and safety.

We dedicate our efforts to elevating the level of fire protection companies in Egypt to the highest standards in line with Vision 2030, aiming to provide a safe environment and a protected society.

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Issuing a safety report

Supervision of safety systems installations

Design and approval


Our vision at the fire fighting company “Aman For Consulting” is to lead engineering efforts in Egypt towards safer, more secure, and protected facilities and buildings, in line with Vision 2030.


At the fire fighting company “Aman For Consulting”, we strive to provide unique engineering solutions that help businesses protect their properties and buildings from fires and safety-related risks.

General Ahmed Abdo is an expert and doctor in the field of environment with over 35 years of experience in civil protection systems, fire alarm and firefighting systems, explosion prevention, and technical consultations. He is also knowledgeable in the Egyptian Civil Defense Code.

With his extensive experience, General Ahmed Abdo possesses strong technical consulting skills and is capable of providing advice and guidance to institutions and companies in the field of civil protection and safety. He can assess risks, analyze existing systems, and develop strategies and procedures to enhance safety and prevent accidents.

Additionally, General Ahmed Abdo works on raising public awareness and educating professionals about the importance of safety and prevention. He offers technical advice for implementing civil protection systems in compliance with local and international standards.

Issuance of Civil Defense License and Safety

To mitigate potential risks of fire incidents in buildings and facilities, our specialized team at Aman For Consulting Office is ready to examine all security and safety systems on-site, ensure their quality of operation, and then issue a safety certificate from the civil defense.

Design of electrical safety systems

The fire fighting company “Aman For Consulting” offers a service for designing electrical safety systems, which include fire alarm systems, sound evacuation, emergency lighting, grounding, lightning protection, and standby generator loads. All these services and details make Aman one of the best fire production companies in The World.

Issuance of structural safety reports

The domestic electrical installation certificate is a requirement of municipalities and civil defense to obtain licenses and operate commercial facility buildings, which prompted us at Aman Office to provide a service for issuing structural safety reports.

Safety Report Issuance and Accreditation

You cannot obtain a license to operate commercial facility buildings without obtaining a certificate of acceptance for safety systems. At Aman For Consulting, we offer the service of extracting safety reports with the highest efficiency and quality by reviewing the industrial fire safety equipment, ensuring its effectiveness and compliance with approved plans, and issuing the certificate accordingly.

Quantity Survey Report Issuance

By visiting the building site, the responsible fire safety contractors at Aman For Consulting Office conduct a quantity survey of mechanical and electrical safety systems and then issue a report detailing those quantities.

Supervision of Fire Protection System Installation

A specialized engineering team with extensive experience supervises the installation of fire protection systems within buildings, including fire extinguishing system installation, fire alarm system installation, emergency door installation, and mechanical fire extinguishing system installation.

Review, approval, and design of safety plans.

In the Fire fighting company “Aman For Consulting”, we provide a service for reviewing, approving, and designing safety plans for commercial establishments in all sectors, which are a requirement of government agencies.

industrial fire safety equipment

Because we care about the safety of human lives and material possessions from fire risks, Aman offers you the service of selling all industrial fire safety equipment, in addition to its precise and professional installation on all sites and construction buildings.

Civil Defense License Renewal

If you need to renew your civil defense license or safety report, we are here to assist you. Request a visit from our fire protection engineering company to assess the level of protection in your facility and easily obtain a certified safety license from the civil defense authorities.

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Safety projects and fire prevention services

Studying the systems of existing buildings, designing them, and addressing deficiencies to comply with the appropriate regulations
Implementation of safety and fire prevention and extinguishing works
Safety and fire prevention projects
Preparing emergency and evacuation plans
Preparing risk reports for industrial and commercial facilities and health warehouses

Architectural safety engineering

Classification of buildings in terms of construction
Determine the degree of resistance of the walls of the building to fire
Calculate the carrying capacity of butterflies
Determine the number of drawers
Designing and distributing signboards
Control and monitoring rooms
evacuation control areas

Design all engineering safety systems for the following codes:

Egyptian code for fire EBC
US code for fire NFPA
Universal code for fire IFC
International Building Code IBC