Fire Alarm

Fire alarms are important because they can help to prevent fires, protect property, and save lives, 


See how Aman can help you create an environment that positively impacts the health and safety of the people inside.

Aman has engineered truly scalable solutions for a large variety of hospitality applications, with products that have been optimized to evolve with your facility. Advanced technology will keep your guests safe and comfortable, while providing necessary staff with holistic monitoring capabilities to minimize interruptions and improve outcomes.

Aman is proud to provide flexible fire and life safety solutions for hospitals and assisted living facilities across the country. Our products and systems have been optimized for backward compatibility and are equipped with advanced technology, so facility and operations managers enjoy greater efficiency and higher visibility with fewer barriers than ever before.

Aman understands that in industrial settings, it's important to have a reliable, scalable fire and life safety solution that can be customized to suit your unique facility’s current needs and future evolutions. With highly intelligible communications systems, high-sensitivity detectors, and robust, backward compatible appliances, you can trust that an Edwards solution will safeguard your facility without compromising your investment.

With flexible, customizable solutions, Aman can provide a fire and life safety system no matter how complex your commercial facility may be, with advanced technologies that allow for integration with other building systems. Aman products are equipped with backward compatible features so that they work with legacy components, while protecting your investment with forward migration capabilities that evolve with your facility.

Aman has developed exceptional fire and life safety solutions for university applications, with scalable, flexible systems that can protect everything from multi-student residential buildings to the most specialized classroom environments. With efficient and effective mass notification options, holistic monitoring and oversight, and backward compatible features, an Edwards system is the ideal solution for university campuses.

Safeguard the people and property of your government with an intelligent fire and life safety solution from Aman. Engineered to evolve with your facility, an Edwards system is backed by a network of professionals with decades of experience in meeting the life safety needs of governments, with robust cybersecurity measures and cost-effective optimization of systems, products, and components.

Aman is the ideal collaborator for schools and school systems thanks to backward compatible fire and life safety solutions that can be upgraded when and where necessary and components that can be updated and expanded as your school environment evolves. With system interfaces that are intuitive to use and products that are easy to maintain, an Edwards solution is the ideal choice for school settings.

The healthiest buildings are rooted in a bedrock of safety. That’s why Aman is making buildings across The Arab World healthier from the inside out as part of Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program. We’re committed to meeting your needs with solutions to protect people and property, inspire confidence and create productive environments.